Environmental & Remediation Services

Total closure and remediation services to make it look like you were never there

Tycon Construction provides onsite environmental remediation and brownfield remediation services solutions for private and public lands in Thunder Bay and across Northwestern Ontario. We have the equipment, the personnel, and the expertise to take on any soil excavation and remediation projects including industrial sites, mines, and historical sites. We will provide safe and efficient procedures for handling and removal of impacted material no matter what the amount or location.

Let us help with your environmental & remediation service requirements.

Our site remediation construction experience includes:

  • Landfill closures
  • New landfill construction
  • Sheetpiling installations
  • Major excavation activities including mines
  • Landscaping

Remedial soil excavation capabilities include:

  • Brownfield remediation
  • Environmental cleanup of private and government-mandated contaminated sites
  • Bypass pumping to reroute natural bodies of water
  • Sheeting and shoring
  • Excavation/relocation of contaminated soils
  • Streambank capping (for example, AquaBloc)
  • Geosynthetic and HDPE liner installations
  • Dewatering
  • Landfill and surface impoundment capping
  • Subsurface investigations
Environmental Services

Let us help with your environmental & remediation service requirements.

Case Study: Shebandowan Mine

Northwestern Ontario is full of mines at various states of operation. Often, mining sites have been left behind without proper cleanup. The Shebandowan Mine west of Thunder Bay was one of those sites.

This historical site required extensive demolition, hazardous materials removal, recovery/recycling of materials, soil remediation, landfill decommissioning, and restoring the landscape to its natural state. Tycon worked with a partner to complete the project. This was a large job – most if not all the original buildings were still standing, though many were unsafe. Further, there were tons of steel that could be recovered and recycled. Hazardous materials and contaminated soil was the largest part of the job, and we completely remediated the land to a certified brownfield state.

Today, it would be difficult to find the mine location unless you knew what you were looking for. The project was finalized with site landscaping and vegetation so that it would blend in quickly with its natural surroundings.